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Saudi Arabia Visa for United Kingdom Passport Holders

  • Business
  • Family Visit
  • Work
  • Residence
  • Exit Re-Entry
  • Work Visit


The applicant must provide the original passport that:

  • Must include at least 2 blank pages and facing each other
  • Must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry
  • Must not be damaged 


The applicant must provide 2 passport sized coloured photograph that:

  • 2  recent passport size photograph (colour) taken against a white background -  Photograph guidance
  • Must not be older than 6 months

Application Form

The applicant must fully complete and sign application form using:

  • Black ink, block capitals ONLY and without the use of correction fluid or crossing over

UK Supporting Letter

The UK employer must provide the applicant with UK Supporting Letter that:

  • Is printed on a company Original letterhead with company registration number, stamped, dated and signed by the head of the department
  • Is addressed to the Consulate/Embassy.
  • Includes the applicants full name.
  • Includes the applicants passport number.
  • Includes the applicants Nationality.
  • Includes the applicants start date at the company.
  • Includes the reason for the applicants journey, name of organisations or company to be visited and its full address.
  • Includes the purpose of the visit/reason for travel
  • Includes the duration of the stay.
  • Includes the type of visa.
  • Includes the number of entries requested: Single or Multiple.
  • Includes a statement of acceptance of financial responsibility for the applicant trip.
  • Includes the signature of the applicant`s supervisor or HR department representative.
  • Must be stamped and certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC)
  • UK Supporting Letter Sample can be found on Order Application Package.

D&V can assist you at a cost of £50.00 Two Days Service or £85.00 Same Day Service, please seclect the service for Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) from our website.

Letter of Invitation (LOI)

The applicant must supply a letter of invitation issued by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) or Saudi host or company.

Enjazit Registration

Visa Application will be registered online, using Enjazit website then we will (print a confirmation, as a payment ref). This service incure extra charge you could contact us for further information`s.

Visa Condition(s)

  • All Saudi Arabia Visas are valid for travel by air ONLY. 
  • Exit Re-Entry Visa will only be issued if it satisfies certain condition(s) - discretion:
  • Saudi residency - IQAAMA is valid
  • Saudi Consular is contented that your reason for delay is authentic
  • Saudi Consulate will only accept exit re-entry application after the visa expires 
  • Once the extension is issued applicant must entre Saudi within a period of 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Should the applicant require their passport in an emergency, the Embassy may return the passport. This will force the full cancellation of the application without the refund of the payment.

Saudi Medical Insurance Prices:  

Depends on the age of the applicant and final price can ONLY be confirmed after the application is lodged into Enjaz System.

  • Fee will be in the range between £35.00 - £150.00
  • Extra charge will apply.

Note: Medical Insurance only required for all visas accept Work, Residence & Exit Re-Entry Visa(s)


Start Order

Order online:

  • Complete D&V online order; by filling your personal details; choose your delivery options and make your payment.

Receive Confirmation:

  • You will then receive order confirmation via email along with visa application package please print the online order confirmation, fill visa application form print, date and sign.

Send your documents:

  • Mail us your original documents using reliable courier(s) such as Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed - Next Day Delivery.
  • By submitting this form you accept the D&V Terms and Conditions- Privacy Policy and declare that the information provided is correct. You grant authorisation to D&V to submit visa application(s) to embassies/consulate(s) of selected countries on your behalf.
Saudi Arabia Visa Fees for United Kingdom Passport Holders
Entry Type Duration of Stay Processing time Consulate Fee (£) D&V Charges (£)
Single Entry Up to Six Months 3 Working Days 145.00 80.00
Multiple Entry Six Month Validity 3 Working Days 145.00 160.00
Multiple Entry One Year Validity 3 Working Days 440.00 160.00
Multiple Entry Two Year Validity 3 Working Days 440.00 160.00

UK Chammber of Commerce Service.

Business visa to

Saudi Arabia for citizens of United Kingdom

Documents Processing time D&V Charges
UK Chammber of Commerce Service. Standard 50.00
UK Chammber of Commerce service. Premium 85.00
Not Required 00.00

Medical Insurance.

Visa to

Saudi Arabia for citizens of United Kingdom

Medical Insurance
Extra charges will be added due to medical insurance depend on your age.
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